Hints and tips for a successful sale shopping trip to Aibheil of Adare

Hints and tips for a successful sale shopping trip to Aibheil of Adare -
Our 1-Day-Only SALE takes place on Saturday July 4th from 10am to 5pm. There is no appointment required for this day. You can try on dresses which are available to buy off the rail and take with you on the day. Please note, that although the shop will be full of sale gowns, gowns which are not on sale, will not be in store that day.
Our website features a SALE page, which is kept up to date. If any of these gowns interest you, you can make an appointment anytime before or after the SALE day, to come and try them on and buy off the rail at greatly reduced prices. You do not need to wait until July 4th - however, you MUST make an appointment. It is only on our twice yearly SALE days that we operate without appointments.
If you don't make it in before the SALE day, study the website and pick a few dresses that are in or around your size.
We kindly ask you not to wear fake-tan, (of any kind !) on your body. In fact, we ask you to keep your body clear of any lotion of any description, including body creams, as the oils they contain soil the dresses. Make-up on your face is fine, but please only wear it to your jaw line and do not put it on your neck or chest area. You may wear deodorant. We are very strict on this and you will be refused to try dresses if you arrive with it on. We hope this is ok with you, but it is the only way we can ensure our dresses are kept clean for every customer.
We take all major credit/debit cards. Unfortunately as the banks no longer guarantee cheques, we do not accept them as a form of final payment.
Happy Sample Sale Shopping !!